Enduring to the End

President Henry B. Eyring stated, “Eternal life means to become like the Father and to live in families in happiness and joy forever” (Judd, 2016, p. 346). It’s obvious from this statement that our Heavenly Father sees the family unit as not only an essential part of His plan, but also a way for us to learn and grow inside that unit.

Have you ever wondered why we don’t just come down here to experience life on Earth as individuals? Why are we all born into a unit, for better or worse, instead of given all the knowledge and maturity needed to exist on our own? We need our families to help us with this very thing, to learn and gain knowledge, and grow to maturity. It’s part of Heavenly Father’s plan for us that we embrace the family unit that we are in and learn whatever is necessary for us also to create our own families.

This is supported by a quote from Elder M. Russell Ballard that reads, ““The family is where the foundation of personal, spiritual growth is built and nurtured; the Church, then, is the scaffolding that helps support and strengthen the family” (Judd, 2016, p. 346)

Elder Hugh B. Brown stated: “The family concept is one of the major and most important of the whole theological doctrine. In fact, our very concept of heaven itself is the projection of the home into eternity. Salvation, then, is essentially a family affair, and full participation in the plan of salvation can be had only in family units.” (Judd, 2016, p. 349).

To come full circle with my blog posts, my first one spoke of the feeling I had when I looked over and they carried my son into the sealing room, dressed in his darling white clothes and his big brown eyes wide as ever. It was a feeling of pure joy and exactly how I imagine my eternal life to feel like. I’m so grateful when I look at my now 5-year-old boy with those same brown eyes and brown curls to match and know that I will always have him with me.

Seeing my son come into the sealing room of the temple was one that was so overwhelming and beautiful for me, and I hope that one day, when I have done all that I could in this life, that I will enter into a room with my Savior and feel those same feelings. Feeling that I’m home, and that I will always have Him with me.

The Family: A Proclamation to the World tells us that, “The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally.”

The first post of this blog was about temple marriage and it’s that principle that all the other things I have mentioned here need to be built upon. Making those sacred covenants before the Lord in His holy temple is the first step in creating that eternal family that will literally last forever, a concept too incredible for me to understand completely.

Judd, D. K. (2016). Successful Marriages and Families: Proclamation Principles and Research Perspectives. BYU Bookstore Publishing Services.

The Family: A Proclamation to the World. (n.d). https://www.lds.org/topics/family-proclamation


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