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So here it is…

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 6.53.55 PM

the LIFE LIST as of today! as of right now.

if you follow the link, you will find the whole list on it’s own designated page that will constantly be edited and updated.

i am leaving this copy below in it’s current state, so I can see how far I have come and in a few years (when it’s hopefully all completed), I can always refer back.

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it is officially autumn. (in my book.)

what a great and exciting time to start blogging….AGAIN.
(insert crying laughing emoji here.) 

yep. i am restarting my blog.

so anyone who knows me, knows full and well that i have a huge life list (or “bucket” list, but i hate that word. it’s like you are dying. i’m living, people.) and on that list is “blog everyday for a year”. which i have successfully attempted since 2009.

this is not a joke.

i wish it was.

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