it is officially SUMMAAtime!

what a great and exciting time to start blogging….AGAIN.
(insert crying laughing emoji here.) 

yep. i am restarting my blog. 

so anyone who knows me, knows full and well that i have a huge life list (or “bucket” list, but i hate that word. it’s like you are dying. i’m living, people.) and on that list is “blog everyday for a year”. which i have successfully attempted since 2009.

this is not a joke…

i wish it was.

it’s not that i don’t WANT to do it, it’s just that school and work and marriage and babies kind of got in the way. that and not having a real focus. the previous attempts were about decor, and crafts, and cute pictures, and my random thoughts.


accept for my adorable family who continually told me it wasn’t that bad. bless them.

so, why should you care NOW?

well, because i’m on a mission here and i could use all the heart eyes and encouragement i can get from you. i still have that giant list of things i need to check off, and this will serve as headquarters + home for me to document all my adventures.

and despite all those things that are still in my life that once served as distractions (school, work, marriage, and baby Miles)…
i’ll be here everyday. trying to reach my goals, y’all.

SPEAKING OF GOALS…here is my TOP 5 for what’s left of SUMMER:

1) learn how to make sushi
visit the Shedd Aquarium
read ‘Jesus the Christ’
take Miles to a new park
visit the farmers market

but right now, i’ve got a sleepy babe, so here is to a BRAND NEW SEASON!!

and i can’t wait to show you my life list tomorrow!

xoxo, heidi

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